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Many people are intimidated by the complicated legal process or assume they cannot afford an attorney. Our goal is to provide quality legal services at affordable prices so give us the chance to meet you and discuss how we can help you with issues such as:

Entity Selection: LLC’s, Corporations, Partnerships
Selecting the appropriate entity to meet your needs is a crucial step. Do not take it lightly. Your choice will greatly impact your rights and your tax consequences. A form from the internet is not tailored to your specific needs and is certainly not taking tax savings into consideration. Our firm approaches everything from both a legal and tax perspective.

Operating, Partnership, and Shareholder Agreements
These documents determine and define the rights and responsibilities of business owners. They determine how decisions are to be made and define how the business is run. If you are sharing ownership in a business with someone else, you want your arrangement in writing so everyone is clear as to the terms of the deal. How are profits to be divided? What happens if someone dies? These things can be planned for ahead of time. We can help you.

Contracts can cover a wide variety of issues and transactions. When you are making a deal over money or property of any value, you want to get it in writing. We can help you with that.

Independent Contractor Agreements
Independent Contractor Status is one of the most highly scrutinized areas by government and taxing authorities. Just because you call someone an Independent Contractor, does not make it so. Taxing authorities may determine the person is actually an employee and penalize you for this misclassification even though you have been calling this person and Independent Contractor for years.

Non-Compete Agreements
Business owners spend resources training employees and often allow them firsthand access to all the business`s proprietary information such as customer lists, trade secrets, intellectual property, and other valuable knowledge. After you have taught them everything you know, they can leave and start competing against you with all the things you armed them with. A properly tailored Non-Compete Agreement can help you protect against this. A form from the internet is not adequate as it is not tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. If your Non-Compete is not narrowly tailored to protect your legitimate business interests, it will not hold up. We can help you with this.

Employment Agreements
Employment Agreements are a great idea so that both employer and employee are clear as to what their respective rights and responsibilities are. Payment structure, time off, and responsibilities of both parties should be put in writing. We can help you.

We do Residential and Commercial Leases.

Joint Venture Agreements
Joint Venture Agreements are a great structure for businesses that wish to join forces with another person or business to pursue a new business venture. Each party`s rights and responsibilities are clearly defined so there is no confusion as to how the deal is structured. The best part is that you do not give up any ownership interest in your current business. Joint Venture Agreements allow for a “clean break” if things do not work out as anticipated while clearly defining the relationship if the venture takes off.

Purchase and Sale Agreements
If you are Buying or Selling a business or anything of substantial value, you want to get the deal in writing. We can help you with this.

Confidentiality Agreements
If you are trying to sell your business you want to show potential Buyers how great it is. You want to give them a taste of what makes your business special. You do not, however, want people fishing for your confidential information just to use it against you. Confidentiality Agreements are a great tool to protect you from this scenario.

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